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Guide to the 2020 Victorian Local Government Elections

Welcome to the 2020 Victorian Local Government election guide. All Victorian Councils are due to have elections in October, with most of these elections being conducted by postal vote. This guide will aim to cover most local government areas in Victoria as well as candidates running in each. Aspects of this guide may be pending change depending on the final legislative detail of the Local Government Bill 2019 and any changes initiated by the Victorian Electoral Commission as a result.

Local Government Areas

Individual guides for different Local Government areas can be viewed below. Note that many of these are currently under construction or are otherwise incomplete:

City of Greater Geelong City of Moreland

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't party names appear on the ballot paper for Victorian Local Government Elections?

The Victorian Electoral Commission don't publish these details, as Victorian Local Government elections are technically non-partisan.

How do you know these details?

I attain these details through a number of methods. Sometimes, I may know the person in question and as such, will know whether or not they are a member of a particular party. Otherwise, candidates may disclose these details in press releases, in the media or in other ways that are publicly accessible i.e. on social media.; or may disclose these details to me via the "running as a candidate" form. Furthermore, some parties endorse candidates - these are noted accordingly on the ward pages for each local government area.