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2020 City of Melbourne Council Elections


The City of Melbourne covers the central inner suburbs of the Melbourne metropolitan area, including the suburbs of Carlton, parts of Carlton North, Docklands, East Melbourne, parts of Flemington, Kensington, the Melbourne CBD, North Melbourne, parts of Port Melbourne, Parkville, South Bank, parts of South Wharf, parts of South Yarra and West Melbourne.

The municipality directly elects its Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayor - who are elected together on a ticket in a 'winner takes all' system. The other 9 Councillors are elected proportionately using the single-transferable vote system of election. Council candidates predominately run as part of a ticket, and voters can either number '1' for their preferred group above the line or number every box from 1 to last in order of preference below the line. This is similar to the system used to elect members to the Senate or to the Victorian Legislative Council.

The Mayor:

  • Sally Capp (Independent) - since 2018.

Incumbent Councillors:

Team Doyle / Liberal Arron Wood Deputy Lord Mayor
Team Doyle / Liberal Kevin Louey  
Greens Rohan Leppart  
Team Doyle / Liberal Nicholas Reece  
Team Doyle / Liberal Beverley Pinder-Mortimer Elected on a countback in December 2017 following the resignation of Tessa Sullivan
Greens Cathy Oak  
An Indigenous Voice for Council / Independent Nicolas Frances Gilley  
Team Morgan / Independent Jackie Watts  
Phil Cleary Means Business / Independent Michael Caiafa  
Together Melbourne / Independent Philip Le Liu  

Council Boundaries

Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayor Candidate

Trent Sullivan
Nair Dadich

Kath Larkin and Daniel Nair Dadich
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Political Party/Ticket: Victorian Socialists (endorsed candidates)

Kath Larkin is a rail worker at Flinders Street Station, where she became the first woman to be elected as a workplacxe delegate for the Rail Tram & Bus Union (RBTU) in that workplace, and was one of the rank and file leaders in the first strike on the Victorian railways in almost two decades in 2015. More recently her union activity centered around fighting for safer workplaces and economic security in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Larkin was one of the organisers of Blockade IMARC (International Mining and Resources Conference) in 2019.,

Daniel Nair Dadich is a first generation Australian and the son of migrant and refugee workers. He began attending protests in 2000 when he skipped school to attend the S11 protest. While studying Daniel volunteered at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre which opened his eyes up to the injustices that asylum seekers face in Australia. Upon graduating with a Masters in Social Work, Nair Dadich worked at two organisations supporting asylum seekers waiting in limbo for the Immigration Department to make a decision on their refugee claims and supporting refugees to build a new life in Australia. In both workplaces he became the Australian Services Union (ASU) delegate.


Council Candidates

Victorian Socialists
  1. Chris Di Pasquale


Team Doyle, aligned to the Liberal Party, is likely to be largely out of the picture following the resignation of Robert Doyke as Lord Mayor, unless they regroup. Liberal Party aligned candidates tend to dominate in the City of Melbourne due largely to business owners having two votes instead of one. For the Lord Mayoral campaign, Sally Capp should benefit from a new personal vote if she stands for re-election.

2018 Results - Lord Mayoral By-election

IND Sally Capp 19,412 25.38%
ALP Jennifer Yang 11,774 15.39%
GRN Rohan Leppert 11,296 14.77%
IND Sally Warhaft 6,837 8.94%
LIB Ken Ong 6,769 8.85%
IND Gary Morgan 6,412 8.38%
IND Qun Xie 3,449 4.51%
IND Allan Watson 2,488 3.25%
IND Nathalie Nicole O'Sughrue 2,087 2.73%
IND Michael Burge 1,571 2.05%
IND Alex MacDonald 1,387 1.81%
AJP Bruce Poon 1,243 1.63%
IND Katie Sfetkidis 933 1.22%
IND Luke Downing 834 1.09%
IND Sally Capp 40,579 53.05%
ALP Jennifer Yang 35,913 46.95%

2016 Results - Melbourne City Council

Team Doyle
  1. Kevin Louey
  2. Nicholas Reece
  3. Tessa Sullivan
  4. Susan Riley
  5. Beverley Pinder-Mortimer o
  6. Sue Stanley
  7. Hope Wei
27,116 37.45%
  1. Rohan Leppert
  2. Cathy Oke
  3. Apsara Sabaratnam
  4. Jenny Pitts
  5. Ben Curnow
14,593 20.16%
Together Melbourne
  1. Philip Le Liu
  2. Tony Penna
  3. Barbara Yerondais
  4. Alice Poon
6,578 9.09 %
  1. Michael Caiafa
  2. Suzanne Vale
  3. Sebastian Saggio
5,667 7.83%
  1. Stephen Mayne
  2. Johanna Maxwell
3,666 5.06%
Team Morgan – A City that Works
  1. Jackie Watts
  2. Michael Kennedy
  3. Farida Fleming
3,557 4.91%
  1. Robin Matthews
  2. Wesa Chau
  3. Roger Smith
1,905 2.63%
Animal Justice Party
  1. Bruce Poon
  2. Fiona Creedy
1,770 2.44%
  1. Richard Foster
  2. Bridie Walsh
1,718 2.37%
An Indigenous Voice on Council
  1. Brooke Wandin
  2. Nicolas Frances Gilley
1,534 2.12%
  1. Marcus Fielding
  2. Sallyann Wilson
1,519 2.10%
  1. Jim Ward
  2. Sergey Sizenko
960 1.33%
  1. Adam Munro Ford
  2. Luke Downing
816 1.13%
  1. Joseph Sarraf
  2. Miroslav Zverina
808 1.12%
Ungrouped Luke James
Neil Pringle
Jing Li
191 0.26%