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Windermere Ward - 2020 City of Greater Geelong Council Elections

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Windermere Ward


Windermere Ward covers Geelong's northern suburbs, as well as Lara and the rural townships in the northern outskirts of Geelong. The area constituting this ward is firmly working class.

Windermere Ward elects two Councillors via the proportional representation method of election.

Incumbent Councillors

Ward Boundaries



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  Enamul Haque Ind
  Kylie Grzybek Ind
  Monique Connell Ind
  Anthony Aitken Ind
  Sarah Hathway SOC

Emanul HaqueEnamul Haque
Website | Facebook | Twitter

Political Party: Independent

Enamul Haque holds a PhD in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (University of Sydney), contributing to research nation-wide as a Research Fellow at Deakin University, RMIT University, University of New South Wales, University of Wollongong and University of Sydney. He resides in Corio.

Key quote:

"With my professional experiences and educational background, I am the perfect candidate for our community. I strive to make the Windermere Ward a beautiful, liveable and resourceful area for all residents, establishing it as one of the best residential areas in Greater Geelong."

Kylie GrzybekKylie Grzybek (Incumbent Councillor)
Website | Facebook | Twitter

Political Party: Independent

Kylie Grzybek works as the Chief of Staff to the Chief Executive Officer at the Transport Accident Commission in Geelong and currently serves as Secretary of the Lara United Football Club. She has been a Councillor since the 2017 Geelong Council Elections, and has been serving as Deputy Mayor since 2019. Grzybek has lived in Lara for nearly four decades.

Key quote:

"As someone who works in Geelong, I’m passionate about creating job opportunities for our kids. As a proud union member, I know decent working conditions are so important to being able to live a productive and healthy life."

Monique ConnellMonique Connell
Website | Facebook | Twitter

Political Party: Independent (Put Climate First)

Monique Connell has worked in local government for over 10 years and has qualifications in education, injury management, architecture and health. Connell has traveled and worked in most continents, doing roles such as teaching,coaching, humanitarian aid and art preservation.

Key quote:

"A vote for me is a vote for climate action in a time where we are living in a climate emergency. I want Geelong to be a world leader in recycling – harnessing the amazing resources and talent at the Deakin University Technology precinct, and working with local business, industry and the community to create a recycling program which makes recycling as easy and painless as throwing your rubbish in the ‘red bin’."

Anthony AitkenAnthony Aitken (Incumbent Councillor)
Website | Facebook | Twitter

Political Party: Independent

Anthony Aitken was born and raised in Corio and was educated at Deakin University. Aitken has a strong family history of community service and has sat on the boards of a number of community organisations. He has been serving as a Councillor since the 2017 Council Elections, was a candidate for the 2013 Mayoral Election, and previously served as a Councillor in 1992, for the former Shire of Corio, before serving two terms as a City of Greater Geelong Councillor when it was formed.

Key quote:

"I am a son of the north. Many people in the north experience less opportunity than others, but we share the same aspirations and love for the community in which we live as other parts of Geelong."

Sarah HathwaySarah Hathway
Website | Facebook | Twitter

Political Party: Socialist Alliance (endorsed candidate)

Sarah Hathway is a local activist - particularly around environment, refugee and union related issues - and is a union organiser for the Victorian Allied Health Professionals Association (VAHPA) and lives in Norlane. Hathway previously ran for election at the 2014 and 2018 State Election, for Socialist Alliance and the Victorian Socialists respectively, both times for the seat of Geelong. She also ran for election at the 2017 Geelong Council Elections, for Brownbill Ward, as an endorsed Socialist Alliance candidate.

Key quote:

"If elected, I will not do deals with conservatives who don’t care about our future. Every resident in the Northern suburbs deserves access to quality housing, transport, healthcare, childcare and education for starters. There should be less emphasis on rate payers and more on service provision to residents who need it, regardless of whether they pay rates or not."


Both Anthony Aitken and Kylie Grzybek, as the two incumbents in a small field of candidates, should win re-election.

2017 Results

IND Anthony Aitken 7,578
IND Kylie Grzybek 2,796
ALP David Withington 2,198
IND Marina Kozul 1,874
ALP Moshtagh Heidari 1,774
IND Jordan Grossman 1,717
IND Ken J. Dickens 1,635
ALP Robert Blaszczyk 1,553
AJP Bronwen Peta Baker 1,162
IND Roman Kozaczek 744
GRN Greg Lacey 724 3.05%
  TOTALS 25,025 74.65% turnout

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