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Brownbill Ward - 2020 City of Greater Geelong Council Election

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Brownbill Ward


Brownbill Ward takes in Geelong's central suburbs. Demographically, the ward can be divided into three parts: the low-income working class eastern suburbs of Newcomb, Whittington and St Albans Park, the more upmarket and gentrified/gentrifying central/western suburbs of East Geelong, South Geelong, Newtown, Geelong West, and Manifold Heights; and the working class/multicultural outer west and inner north, consisting of North Geelong, Herne Hill, Hamlyn Heights, Bell Park and Bell Post Hill.

Brownbill Ward elects three Councillors via the proportional representation method of election.

Incumbent Councillors

Ward Boundaries


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  Sandi Dwyer Ind
  Bernie Franke Ind
  Alex Csar Ind ALP
  Peter John Murrihy Ind
  Stretch Kontelj Ind LIB
  Sarah Mansfield GRN
  Eddy Kontelj Ind [note]
  Gabriel Wenyika Ind
  Dean Frederick Hope Ind
  Louis Hehir Ind ALP
  Jose Rodrigeuz Ind
  Melissa June Cadwell Ind ALP

Sandi DwyerSandi Dwyer
Website | Facebook | Twitter

Political Party: Independent (Put Climate First)


Key quote:

"We can restore and regenerate natural systems rapidly. Rebuilding our soils with innovative farming practices to repair our landscapes and provide food rich with nutrients is a huge opportunity to create jobs that improve climate, waterways and our own health and that of our city and farming communities. Supplying affordable locally grown organic and biodynamic foods is urgent now. Every solution we need already exists. We just need to commit planning and funding to them."

Bernie FrankeBernie Franke
Website | Facebook | Twitter

Political Party: Independent (presumed)


Key quote:


Alex CsarAlex Csar
Website | Facebook | Twitter

Political Party: Labor

Alex Csar is a resident of Herne Hill, where he has lived for the past 9 years.

Key quote:


Peter MurrihyPeter John Murrihy (incumbent Councillor)
Website | Facebook | Twitter

Political Party: Independent

Peter Murrihy is a former police prosecutor, and was elected as a Councillor for the then-single member Kildare ward at the 2015 Kildare Ward by-election served up until the Council's sacking. He has since been serving as a Councillor since 2017. Murrihy lives in Newtown, and has lived in the area for more than 30 years.

Key quote:

"I'm an Independent Candidate. I have and will continue to offer a totally independent voice on Council and work tirelessly by using a common-sense approach to how I believe the community sees the issues."

Stretch KonteljStretch Kontelj
Website | Facebook | Twitter

Political Party: Liberal

Stretch Kontelj was born in Geelong, the son of newly arrived migrants from Slovenia. He holds degrees in law, economics, accounting, commerce, business administration, applied corporate governance, arts, notarial practice and military law and most recently worked as the Asia Pacific Legal Director at SpecSavers. Kontelj previously served as a Councillor for Geelong for 17 years, from 1998 to 2015.

Key quote:

"Geelong is facing into one of the most challenging periods the likes of which we haven’t seen in living memory. Whilst local government is about basic community services and infrastructure we also need a vision and strategy to deliver jobs and opportunities for business to not only survive but thrive."

Sarah MansfieldSarah Mansfield (incumbent Councillor)
Website | Facebook | Twitter

Political Party: Greens (endorsed candidate)

Sarah Mansfield is a local GP and a Senior Lecturer in Academic General Practice at Deakin University, living in East Geelong. She studied health financing at the London School of Economics. Mansfield was the Greens candidate for the federal electorate of Corio at the 2016 Federal Election, and has been serving as a Councillor since the 2017 Council Elections.

Key quote:

"It’s been such a privilege to serve the community as a councillor for the past 3 years, and contribute to building a healthier, more sustainable, and more inclusive Geelong. There is so much more to do, especially given the enormous challenges we are now experiencing with COVID-19."

Eddy KonteljEddy Kontelj (incumbent Councillor)
Website | Facebook | Twitter

Political Party: Independent 1

Eddy Kontelj is currently the Managing Director of a large Caterpillar equipment dealer in Victoria and Tasmania and is also the Honorary Consul for the Republic of Slovenia – Victoria. Kontelj previously served as a Geelong Councillor from 2010 - 2016 when the council was sacked, and has been serving since 2017.

Key quote:

Gabriel WenyikaGabriel Wenyika
Website | Facebook | Twitter

Political Party: Independent

Gabriel Wenyika moved to Geelong from Zimbabwe in 2006 to study Law and International Relations at Deakin University. He serves and volunteers for a number of community organisations and is a board member of OneCare Geelong, a community outreach program which seeks to assist people in the community experiencing disadvantage and social isolation. He also volunteers as an Assistant Victorian Coordinator for Red Frogs Australia. Wenyika works as a Primary Contact Officer at the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Key quote:

"[My vision for Geelong is] a vibrant multicultural community that is working towards a greener and more sustainable future for Geelong."

Dean HopeDean Frederick Hope
Website | Facebook | Twitter

Political Party: Independent

Dean Hope is a Geelong West resident of 15 years. He works at Australia Post and has a career history in human resources in both Melbourne in Geelong. Hope is a Justice of the Peace.

Key quote:

"I believe we need to take prompt action to reduce unemployment and improve opportunities, reduce crime and enhance economic development. We must support and protect our neighbourhoods and businesses."

Louis HehirLouis Hehir
Website | Facebook | Twitter

Political Party: Labor

Louis Hehir is a Geelong West resident, currently studying International Studies and Deakin University and working as an Accessibility Officer for CloudDeakin students through the Deakin University Students’ Association.

Key quote:

"I will always act for a better standard of living for working people, work to preserve public services, and stand up for secure jobs and good wages."

Jose RodrigeuzJose Rodrigeuz
Website | Facebook | Twitter

Political Party: Independent (presumed)

Jose Rodrigeuz is Registered Architect and holds a Master of Architecture, Bachelor of Design, and Diploma of Building Design and has over 15 years experience in the Design and Construction Industry.

Key quote:

"I envisage a highly cohesive, engaged and healthy municipality. One that provides equitable access to the best of the region, which in turn encourages the constituents to take part in building a Clever and Creative region. Ideally, it would be a place that recognises the changing world, and adapts accordingly."

Melissa CadwellMelissa June Cadwell
Website | Facebook | Twitter

Political Party: Labor

Melissa Cadwell is a union organiser for Professionals Australia where she helps all kinds of workers achieve better conditions at work, and previously worked as a public health ethics manager. She lives in St Albans Park. Cadwell previously stood as a candidate for Brownbill Ward at the 2017 Council Elections.

Key quote:

"Our community needs a Councillor who is going to fight for the projects that matter to everyday people, not just the ones that get you on the front page and help you build your profile."'


Of the three incumbents, Sarah Mansfield's position is the most precarious but should benefit from a new personal vote. Peter Murrihy and Eddy Kontelj are likely safe.

2017 Results

IND Eddy Kontelj 1 9,715 24.75%
GRN Sarah Mansfield 2 6,995 17.82%
IND Peter John Murrihy 4,562 11.62%
LIB Freya Fidge 2,521 6.42%
IND Alec Sandner 2,359 6.01%
LIB Michael King 2,328 5.93%
ALP Melissa June Cadwell 1,859 4.74%
SOC Sue Bull 2 1,473 3.75%
IND George Ballas 1,155 2.94%
IND Stephen Simmonds 995 2.53%
AJP Jacki Jacka 2 943 2.40%
AJP Jennifer Gamble 2 879 2.24%
IND Peter Mitchell 849 2.16%
SOC Sarah Hathway 2 764 1.95%
IND Mik Aidt 636 1.62%
NAT Charles Neal 585 1.49%
ALP Ellen Csar 334
IND Terry Gillard 302
  TOTALS 39,254 77.38% turnout

1. The Kontelj family is firmly linked to the Liberal Party. Eddy Kontelj himself, however, maintains that he is not a member of the Liberal Party and as such, his political affiliation remains listed as independent.
2. These candidates were endorsed by their respective parties.

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