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16 March 2012
By Matt Hrkac

“Geelong student tells Canberra to fix school” – Geelong Advertiser

Call this part three in the federal government "saga" that involves Richard Marles (who is, as I have said in past posts, sympathetic of the situation that Geelong High School has been in for the last few years) - this time, some actual media attention has been drawn to the issue relating to the funding of Geelong High School for building repairs - finally putting a face to the whole issue, as well as drawing attention from the community.

The Geelong Advertiser has recently published an article on their website, which will likely appear in tomorrows Geelong Advertiser news paper.
The photograph at the top of this post shows myself, and my studio arts teacher "feeling the heat" if you like; of the potential conditions that are faced on a hot summers day, in the top storey rooms of the Winstanley wing by students and teachers alike - with no air conditioning and very little air circulation. This is yet another step in this whole process, lets hope some media and public attention will get the government to act on this issue.
- Matt Hrkac

About the author:

Matt Hrkac is a writer and photographer based in Geelong. He has particular interests in politics, elections, social movements and the trade union movement. If you like what you see here, please consider giving a small donation to help cover the expenses.

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