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Opinion and Analysis

These days, violent video games seem to be synonymous with violence and crime in the real world. However, there is one such game series that comes out on top with all the controversy that it generates whenever a new entry into the series is released; Grand Theft Auto. The most recent entry into the series, Grand Theft Auto V, released just a couple of weeks ago, also generated controversy for its violent nature. Most of this controversy, however, is sensationalised - taken out of context by right-wing conservative news program presenters who had clearly never played the game, or any video game for that matter, in their lifetime.

OPINION: Australia NEEDS the (FTTP, not FTTN) NBN
By Matt Hrkac, 28 September 2013

The NBN (National Broadband Network); which would deliver world-class high-speed internet access to the home of every single Australian regardless of their socio-economic situation is a very important issue to me. It is, in fact, one of the big reasons as to why I voted for the Australian Labor Party on the 7th of September in the federal election. The party that was implementing this policy. A policy that would future-proof Australia - as well as bring in a massive profit for the government (and thus less cost to the taxpayer) over many years following its completion. This would have replaced the copper infrastructure that was put in place well over a century ago with technology that would serve us properly for the next century. The new Coalition government, however, wants to use the copper infrastructure to deliver a national broadband network.

It has been around a week since the announcement of Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's asylum seeker policy - which in his words, goes along the lines of "if you arrive by boat, you will not be settled in Australia. The people smugglers' guarantee is now worthless" and that those who arrive by boat would be processed and resettled in Papua New Guinea. To be completely fair, this polarised the left; with many who were originally pro-Australian Labor Party now shifting their support to The Australian Greens and an even lesser minority shifting their support to, god forbid, Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party of Australia. In case you didn't know the statistics between PNG and Australia, look below:

Samantha & Shane (and their kids)
By Matt Hrkac, 25 May 2013

New landscape/waterscape shots comin' atcha! Check them out below.

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Rule 1: Cardio - More Stills
By Matt Hrkac, 14 April 2013

Shots from "Rule 1: Cardio"
By Matt Hrkac, 08 April 2013

On 7th of April, I had the pleasure of working with Taymaynari Films and Nesbit Media, taking photos (stills) during filming of "Rule 1: Cardio"; a commercial that will be advertising the event/charity of the same name. Here is a selection of shots as chosen by Claudia Taylor, one of the founders of Taymaynari Films. It features zombies!!

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New Photographs: Rural
By Matt Hrkac, 26 December 2012

Candlelight Photography - Future Plans
By Matt Hrkac, 20 October 2012

A first for me when it comes to candlelight photography; check out the results below, as well as the full sized photographs in my gallery.

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