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Opinion and Analysis

It seems that the national coordinators of the March Australia movement didn't learn their lesson from the Bust the Budget rallies back in July this year: that focus works.

What do I mean by focus? I mean, focusing a march or a rally on a very specific contentious issue. Back in July, the obvious contentious issue was the federal budget and its attacks on the most vulnerable in our society. Today, the obvious contentious issue is still the federal budget for the exact same reasons.

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'Bizarre' is an understatement
By Matt Hrkac, 27 June 2014

It is like I am in a parallel universe of something. Clive Palmer actually caring about the environment and supporting Green policies? Tell me I'm dreaming.

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The Perfect Storm...
By Matt Hrkac, 16 January 2014

Photograph of the lightning storm that occurred in my hometown last night (as of time of posting).

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I guess this drawing is all the more relevant now...

Because the reality is, there is only one government, or one person, or one group of people to blame for this; and that is the increasingly conservative Liberal Party headed by Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

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OPINION: Same sex marriage - the support is there
By Matt Hrkac, 08 December 2013

Congratulations goes to the Australian Capital Territory government for being the first, out of all Australian states and territories, to legalise same sex marriage rights. Giving the opportunity, starting from this weekend, for the first time to allow same sex couples to marry on Australian soil. Truly a historic moment in progressivism in this country.

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OPINION: A 'backflip' on a 'backflip'
By Matt Hrkac, 03 December 2013

Before the election, the Liberal Party and the Labor Party were on the same page when it came to education funding, otherwise known as the 'Gonski reforms'.

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A friend of mine posted this on Facebook on the afternoon of the second day of vote counting in the Geelong Mayoral by-election. The same election that, a day later, would see Darryn Lyons claim the Mayoral robes:

...And Tony Abbott also has to be the worst Prime Minister in Australian history thus far.

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Let me just start off this post by reflecting on the past few weeks. I had an absolutely great time helping out Doug Mann and sort of being by his side over the course of his Mayoral campaign. Everything from managing the 'Doug Mann for Geelong Mayor' Facebook page and the creation of the graphics associated with it, attending council meetings, the meet-and-greets with new (and familiar) faces, scrutineering during (observing) the vote count and and even letterboxing flyers (which was done, of course, by so many others as well)! He may not have got in, but I know that I have personally gained a lot from pretty much being part of the whole process and seeing the 'other side' if you like and I am thankful for it.

First new photographs in over five months
By Matt Hrkac, 06 October 2013

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