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Photos taken at rallies, political events, etc are free to use for progressive organisations, campaign groups and individuals (I usually share the albums with the key organisations involved in organising specific rallies, actions and events) so long as attribution is given. Using the watermarked images, unedited, is sufficient for this purpose. Although you don't necessarily need to contact me if you use any of the aforementioned images, doing so as a courtesy to let me know that you are using my work is appreciated.

Media organisations are also welcome to use these images provided they contact me beforehand and subject to my approval. Proper attribution must be given. I keep unwatermarked, high-res versions of these photos for a month (30 days) after an event and can provide these on request.

Climate Change

Extinction Rebellion
All-In to Drown-In
Extinction Rebellion
Spring Die-In
Stop Adani

Generations Against Adani

Indigenous Justice

Invasion Day Rally
 Black Lives Matter
Melbourne rally

Refugee Justice

Combined Refugee Action Group
Choose Fairness and Decency
Campaign Launch
Palm Sunday
Melbourne 2019

Walk for Justice for Refugees
 Nauru and Manus in Crisis
- Bring Them Here
Palm Sunday
Melbourne 2018

Walk for Refugee Justice

Unions and workers' rights

Change The Rules Rally
April 10 2019
 Change The Rules Rally
May 9 2018
 May Day Rally
Victorian Unions
March on Esso
Victorian Trades Hall
Webb Dock
Geelong Trades Hall
Working Women
Get Organised Conference

Miscellaneous and others

Victorian Socialists
2019 Election
Campaign Launch
 Rally against racism,
nazis and fascism
Geelong Rainbow Inc.
Rally for
Marriage Equality, 2017
Golden Gnomes
Threatre Sports
challenge, 2014

Personal/Creative Portfolio


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