Conditions of use

Non-profit use

All work presented on this website is free for fair use for progressive organisations, activist groups and for educational purposes. It is requested out of common courtesy that you let me know that you are using my work.

Original RAW files of all photography work is kept for up to a (1) month after an event has taken place. Upon request, within that 1 month period, high-resolution/printable versions of individual photographs can be produced. Such requests should be sent to and should outline which organisation you belong to and what purpose/s the photograph is to be used for along with links to the individual photographs of which you are requesting printable versions. An example of a good request email template to follow can be seen below:

Name: [Your name]
Organisation: Green Left Weekly
Purpose: To use for the basis of a front cover on the next print issue of Green Left Weekly.
Photo link:

Requests along the lines of "the photo of Lidia Thorpe speaking" or "the photo of the crowd from the invasion day rally on page 2" or anything similar that will force me to ask follow-up questions will be ignored. Keep it simple and the process will be efficient for all parties involved.

All use of any photography must be credited. Using the watermarked photographs on this website is sufficient for this purpose. Photographs may not be altered in any way except for cropping. If cropped and the watermark is removed, credit must be explicitly given in the form of "Photo credit: Matt Hrkac -" i.e. in the text body of a social media post or on web page where the photo appears. It should be noted that this same rule applies for photos used in a printed format.

Individual use

Being at rallies and such, I'll inadvertently take photos of people in attendance at those rallies. These events take place at public venues and as such, if not already, you should familiarise yourself with the law around taking photos of people in public places.

The fair use rules that apply for non-profit use also applies for all individual use. Take-down requests from persons featured in individual photographs will be considered on a limited basis.

Commercial use

All commercial use of any work featured on this website is subject to my approval and will incur a fee per photo used. The same rules as stipulated above will still apply.

Unauthorised use of my work

Unauthorised use of my work includes using it for profiteering purposes without prior permission being given, reselling, using without proper attribution as stipulated above and anything else I deem fit.

Cases of unauthorised use of my work will be responded to with the following steps:

1. Contacting the person/organisation using the work in question with a "please explain"; asking them to either give proper attribution as stipulated above or to remove the offending work.

Usually, this resolves a majority of these cases. In the event that it doesn't i.e. there is no response to the initial "please explain" or there is refusal to remove the content or give proper attribution:

2. A take-down request will be initiated with the social media company/s to remove the offending content.
3. If that fails, such as the content again being reproduced without proper attribution, or if on a non-social media website, formal legal action will be initiated in addition to the above.