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Matt HrkacI'm a photographer based in Geelong and have primary interests in social movements, the trade union movement as well as politics more broadly. I spend much of my time documenting these things through my photography. I've had an interest in photography since high school.

My experience in capturing public demonstrations means that I can broadly cover any event, live performance and function. I enjoy capturing the emotion and energy of these settings in a way that is candid and natural. I also sell a range of prints from my personal portfolio - with the themes predominately being landscapes, nature and urban/architecture.

In addition to my photography work, I do work in the social media and digital media space - particularly when it comes to issues-based advocacy, electioneering and campaigning. 

Any questions about my work? Have an event, live performance or function coming up? Get in touch and let's talk.

I'm a member of the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA).

Service Costs:

All photography work incurs a base cost of $500 per job (inclusive of GST). $150 is payable as a deposit - which is refundable in the event of cancellation or other unforeseen circumstances, and the remainder payable upon completion. For most jobs, this includes around 200 photos and will cover the duration of the event, performance or shoot.

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"Matt produced a series of short video clips for social media during my council election campaign. He produced a professional product with minimal direction, and a quick turnaround time. He was also really easy to work with, very responsive to queries and minor change requests. I’m really happy to recommend Matt’s work."

Melissa Cadwell, 2020 City of Greater Geelong Council Candidate

Other things:

I also have an interest in elections and helping people to understand how our electoral system works. I provide coverage from a non-partisan neutral perspective on most Victorian based elections at the State and Federal level, and on Geelong elections in greater detail at the local level. You can view my work here.

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