I am a photographer and writer based in Geelong and have primary interests in social movements, the trade union movement as well as politics more broadly. I spend much of my time documenting these things through both my photography and writing.

I have had an interest in photography since high school.

Politically, I consider myself on the left, though I seek to analyse things through an independent lens.

I also have a big interest in elections and helping people to understand how our electoral system works. I provide coverage from a non-partisan neutral perspective on most Victorian based elections at the State and Federal level, and on Geelong elections in greater detail at the local level. You can view my work here.



If you like my work, please support

I cover rallies and such and do so without asking for upfront payments, but doing what I do isn’t expense-free. Some of the expenses I pay for out of my own pocket during the course of my work include:

  • This website, so I don’t have to serve intrusive ads, as well as the domain name and other associates outgoings.
  • Photography equipment and maintenance. Not only to expand the work I can deliver but things also break or get lost; they need to be either fixed or replaced.
  • Photo editing software.
  • Computer/IT hardware - once again, if something breaks or malfunctions; if I can’t fix it myself, I have to pay someone to fix it.
  • Travel costs - getting to and from actions.

As such, if you like my work, please consider giving a small donation. All money raised will go towards the above. You can donate to me via PayPal at the link below: