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I'm a photographer from Geelong. I've been interested in photography since high school. I also work in the digital media space, and do some other things as well... Read more
My Photography Work

My photography work covers a range of different themes and subject matter. This can be viewed below.

I shoot using the Sony A99 II and A-mount lenses.

Personal portfolio

This is my personal portfolio. Some of these are purchasable on Redbubble. Like something below but it's not available for purchase? Get in touch.

Full-res versions of the below, plus more, can be viewed on Flickr.

Social justice, politics, protests, events

Whether it's related to workers rights, the environment and climate change, refugees, First Nations' justice, or anything in between. I cover these actions in and around Melbourne and Geelong. If you support my work, then shout me lunch.

My work has been used and featured by a range of organisations; including trade unions, political parties, not-for-profit and action and advocacy groups, as well as independent media outlets.

Images contained in the collections below are fair use with attribution.

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Have an event coming up and want some candid shots of your attendees? Whether it's a campaign launch or a live performance, I'll capture all the key moments in any situation. Use the form below and let's talk.

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"Matt produced a series of short video clips for social media during my council election campaign. He produced a professional product with minimal direction, and a quick turnaround time. He was also really easy to work with, very responsive to queries and minor change requests. I’m really happy to recommend Matt’s work."

– Melissa Cadwell, 2020 City of Greater Geelong Council Candidate

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